We design, build & deliver Gigabit ready networks for villages with 50+ households

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The UK now has more than 95% coverage for superfast broadband with speeds of 24 Mbps or higher. However, most superfast connections still depend on outdated copper telephone wires, which are limited in the speeds they can support. For the fastest and most reliable broadband, delivering gigabit speeds, a full fibre connection is required also know as Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).

How fast is Gigabit broadband?

Gigabit broadband provides speeds of over 1000 Mbps (1 Gigabit) which means your broadband will be ultrafast and capable of pretty much anything.

Nowadays, every home is full of devices that require an internet connection. Whether that be Smart Tvs, Alexa’s, lighting, fridges, laptops, games consoles and so much more! With Gigabit broadband, you can connect multiple devices while continuing to browse the web, stream HD movies and work from home.

Here is the time it takes to download a 10GB file, the equivalent of 2 HD movies.

How Much Does A Connection Cost?

We are able to deliver our Gigabit services to homes and businesses with prices starting from £36 + VAT per month! Price varies with the number of subscribers taking the minimum 200 Mbps service. Business services are available from 200Mbps – 10Gbps, contact us for a quote.

How Gigabit Village Works

Symmetris works with a community to identify a solution that works for all. In a typical installation, we co-operate with local land owners to trench fibre into each participating household and business. Symmetris install a Gigabit fibre optic connection and then connect each household & business. A router is installed in each house which delivers WiFi, its at this point there is no difference to any other internet connection, except its hundreds of times faster!

How The Voucher Scheme Works

The Department for Digital Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) pays £1500 for every household, and £3500 for every business towards the costs of installing full fibre broadband. Gigabit Village networks qualify for the voucher scheme, which requires Symmetris to register your community as a Project, and then register each participating household and business. 

Where Are We Deploying Fibre?


LIVE – Pedham, Hemblington & Witton

We are currently live in the following areas: Pedham, Hemblington and Witton. 


The Project is approved by the DCMS.

Currently we are route planning and laying cable in the following areas: West Barsham & some areas of North Barsham.


We are route planning and gauging interest in Great Fransham.


We are route planning and gauging interest in Woodbastwick.

Register Your Interest

Before we can start work in an area, we need to have more than 30 signups. You can do this by completing the form below, and encouraging your fellow neighbours and residents to do the same. If your area gets multiple sign ups we’ll consider it for a Gigabit Village project (if we haven’t already planned it in). Your information stays with us and will not be shared with anyone.