Frequently Asked Questions


Why Full Fibre?

Full fibre installation future proofs your connection. As demand and availability of bandwidth increases we can just increase the speeds available to you with a quick change of equipment at each end of the fibre.

Is Co-operation Needed From Local Landowners?

Gigabit Village projects are viable because the installation avoids the massive costs of trenching in roads. We do this by asking for the co-operation of local landowners. We work with them to ensure minimal disruption to their land use (crops etc) and we normally compensate them by supplying broadband to them (if they live or have offices in the area).

How Long Do Gigabit Village Projects Take To Go Live?

Once we have enough registrations of interest we work as quickly as possible to deliver into the community. We are governed by access to the land (crops can delay trenching in fields etc) and how quickly the fibre connection to our data centre can be installed. A typical project lead time is 5-6 months. We will, of course, keep you informed all the way.

Why A 2 Year Commitment?

For us to secure competitive pricing for the community we have to contract a fibre connection to the data centre for a minimum of 2 years. So we ask the subscribers to commit to this. Of course, if you move home you are not committed to the project but we would ask you to encourage the new home owners to take part.

What Speeds Can I Expect? Will Speeds Slow Down As More People Sign Up?

We anticipate speeds far in excess of 200Mbps. We build networks that deliver ultrafast speeds and manage them to ensure they all work as expected. As we add subscribers we add bandwidth to ensure everyones connection is always ultrafast.

Do You Do Telephones?

We can supply phones for your Home or Business to work with your broadband, please contact us to find out pricing.

What Kind Of Router Do You Install

We install a Gigabit WiFi router that is fed by the fibre, it delivers WiFi much like any other router and has Ethernet ports for plugging in equipment.

I’m currently in a contract

In many areas where the broadband is extremely slow (below 2 mbps), most suppliers will release you from a contract if they cannot provide you with a faster service. We advise speaking with your current proivder to discuss terminating your contract.


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